MeteoCam unit v1
HD video - Davis Vantage Vue - Webcasting - Weather alerts

A complete camera and weather station unit by Cybex. Version 1.5.xx has the following features:

  • Live streaming to or to private media servers
  • Image FTP to any web server
  • Davis Weatherlink support, local storage of data and publish to a web server or locally to the camera's web server. See demo here
  • Weather Email alerts when wind force or temperature or rain rate is greater than a given user value or when temperature drops from a given user value. For example, you get to know when wind got strong or when there is a near by fire or when rain started.
  • Local image and video storage with prespecified day rotation - the camera can be also operated as CCTV for security or safety purposes
  • Web admin interface
  • 3G mobile option is available for internet connectivity and Weather SMS alerts
  • Auto upgrade to the latest software releases

    Version 1 Admin Menu
  • 5 Mpixel field demo 5 Mpixel

Metsovo Hotel Kassaros Meteocam

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Applications: Ports, marinas, windsurf clubs, kitesurf clubs, ski resorts, hotels, municipalities, traffic cam, events, construction site cam, safety authorities.
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