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    How to broadcast live at your Facebook Page using your Meteocam

    Meteocam is Facebook page live ready: You only need to enter the publishing point for event or continuous live broadcast. Your live stream will be shown at Facebook Live World Map engaging a lot of viewers

  • Step 1: Enter into your Facebook page, select Publishing Tools > Videos > Live > Single field - Server or stream URL. Copy the rtmp://xxxx field
  • Step 2: Enter into your Meteocam Admin Interface, select Meteocam Configuration File > Edit parameter facebookmode to y and paste the rtmp://xxxx field after facebookliveurl= so that it looks like this:
  • Step 3: Reboot your Meteocam
  • Step 4: Press next at your Facebook live page and wait for the Preview monitor to start. If audio is enabled, check if the sound is on
  • Step 5: Press Go Live and your broadcast will start
  • Step 6: To return to the normal broadcast mode you only need to change to facebookmode parameter to n (no) and reboot your camera

  • Δοκιμαστικό live σε fb page με ήχο από την

    Posted by on Monday, 21 November 2016

Cover your event live with a MeteoCam. High Definition Video depending on bandwidth and very good sound quality.
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Applications: Ports, marinas, windsurf clubs, kitesurf clubs, ski resorts, hotels, municipalities, traffic cam, events, concerts, shows, construction site cam, safety authorities.

Meteocam brochures in Greek:
Municipalities pdf
Meteocam Mobile Unit pdf
Meteocam 3G pdf
Meteocam Hotel pdf
Meteocam Port pdf